10 Ways to Get Out of a Funk: Mental Burnout is Real

Not felt like yourself lately?

Same sis. Same.
If you're a stay at home mom the everyday tasks are endless leaving little to no time for yourself. Maybe you're a work from home mom who struggles with doing all of things with the added pressure to show up as an outstanding employee and asset to your employer. Maybe you're trying out freelance jobs or even the what all the latest UGC content creators are blowing up TikTok with. If you're a small business owner, you are not only responsible for serving your customers, but there's creating content, book keeping, product photos, running a website, and basically everything in between
Inflation. Juggling work and home life. Posting 5-7 times a day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and don't forget Pinterest too! 
No wonder so many people are feeling overwhelmed and mentally burnt out. 


1. SLEEP: Stop scrolling on TikTok at 1 am ma'am. That is all. 
2. AVOID PROCESSED FOODS: the longer the ingredient list, the harder it is on your body
3. EXERCISE: I know, I know. But have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a good sweat? Instant anxiety relief for me!
4. TAKE BREAKS: I started setting 20 minute timers for certain tasks and it's helped so much with productivity because the break gives my brain dopamine and something to look forward to.
5. REMOVE TOXIC PEOPLE: Ever met someone who's energy just drains the heck out of you? 👀 It may be time to distance yourself for a bit.
6. PROTECT YOUR PEACE: Unfollow anyone that makes you feel worse about yourself.
7. APPRECIATE: Gratitude for what you did get done will only breed more positivity
8. ENVIRONMENT: Simple things like a new arrangement for furniture or slapping some paint on the walls can be helpful for moving forward.
9. SUPPORT: Speaking the things you're feeling and struggling with aloud can take away the power they have over you.
10. SELF CARE: Could be as simple as waking up earlier just to get yourself together and putting makeup on.


11. PIVOT: Let it go if it's not helping you GROW.pivot, friends, ross pivot meme

What's something that always helps you to feel like yourself again?